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Set a Morning & Evening Routine when working from home

Being a night owl can become overly exhausting. You may find it difficult to wake up early for work. Sleeping for less than 6 hours can make you feel fatigued and annoyed. Sleep deprivation leads to a loss of concentration. Working on your sleep schedule, of course, that's the first. A night of good and sound sleep is your utmost need.
Another alternative for better concentration is Meditation. Yoga and meditation in the early morning have always proved to be constructive. It strengthens focus, improves self-awareness, and reduces stress levels.

Here are some ideas that you can try for your morning routine:

Wake up one hour before your working hour
Freshen up
Have some tea/coffee
Lay a mat on the floor
Sit on it and fold your legs
Keep your backbone straight
Close your eyes
Meditate for 5-10 minutes

With this, your day starts off with a clear mind. Likewise, meditation is a beautiful thing to end your day with. After a long day of work, your body and mind are tired, and you crave some relief. As the clock strikes 5 pm- assuming that you get off work. And it is a time-out!

Begin clearing your work desk
Drink a cup of water
Wash your face
Sit on the yoga mat
Meditate for 5 minutes

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