What is your remote team doing?

Know what your remote team is doing, help them share successes and keep everyone in the loop regardless of time zone.

Keep your remote teams engaged

Working from home presents new challenges, because remote teams are beginning to zone out of task management tools and zoom calls. IRLDO uses a simple paradigm of “check-ins” to keep everyone on mission. Here's how...

Carrots, not sticks

No need to force people to check in, because all check-in’s are broadcast, it positively helps other team members to also check in each day.

Stay in the loop

Does your team know what their colleagues are doing? Each check-in is broadcast to all team members every day, so that everyone knows what the mission is.

No more tasks

Life is complicated enough without a task management system. Your team are adults and they know what to do. Members keep each other accountable with IRLDO.

W's and L's

Your team can congratulate other members on every Win achieved. Or they can learn from the Losses and do better in the future. Everything is broadcast.