14 Days Water Fasting Coaching

It's been well known that prolonged fasting is one of the best ways to gain health and lose weight. Yet, many people have a very hard time starting and continuing through to the end. This program is your accountability partner through preparation, 14 days of safe fasting and properly ending your fast so you get incredible results.

  • With IRLDO, you have to actually do the work. Follow each step, upload your proof, and you'll get the results you want!

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14 Days Water Fasting

Program Steps for 14 Days Water Fasting

Get your supplies
Prepare your fasting fluids!
Preparation Day
Fasting Day 1
Fasting Day 2
Fasting Day 3
Fasting Day 4
Fasting Day 5
Fasting Day 6
Fasting Day 7
Fasting Day 8
Fasting Day 9
Fasting Day 10
Fasting Day 11
Fasting Day 12
Fasting Day 13
Fasting Day 14
Breaking your fast - First Day
Breaking Your Fast - Second Day
Program is Completed

Who is this program for?

This program is perfect if you have health problems such as type 2 Diabetes, obesity, or just need to get in good general health.

Why you should fast for 14 days

At the core of fasting are three simple powerful mechanisms. Autophagy, lowering blood glucose levels and burning fat as fuel. Autophagy is the body's way of cleaning out damaged cells by literally devouring the damaged and dead cells. High blood glucose can lead to numerous modern diseases. And finally, during the fast, you will go into a state of Ketosis which will burn your adipose and visceral fat as fuel.

Is fasting the best way to lose weight?

"Eat Less, Move More" does not work (Dr. Jason Fung). The simple truth is that studies show that much of the curprit is unregulated Insulin levels in our body. And by both intermittent and prolonged fasting, you are lowering your insulin levels which allow your body to use your fat as fuel. To understand this more, we recommend you to read Dr. Jason Fung's excellent book, The Complete Guide to Fasting, on which this program is modelled.

Fasting Lowers Blood Sugar

By lowing your blood sugar you start to regulate your insulin. This helps to eliminate insulin resistance and allow your body to use the glucose stored as fat, for energy. 

Fasting Improves Heart Health

'High Cholesterol" is not the program in and of itself, since it's yoru liver that produces the vast majority of cholesterol. As we fast, the liver decreases its production of triglycerides -- the kind of fat that is bad for the heart. Removing carbs from the diet allows the liver to reduce this production and its a big reason why fasting is good for your heart.

Fasting improvies your life and your lifespan

During caloric deprivation, a common report is of people reporting a boost in "brain power". This is a natural way that your body stimulates your brain to find food. People fasting also reported boosts in energy too. A huge benefit of fasting is the Autophagy that kicks in to clean our dead, diseased and damaged cells. This is why many people report improved vision, clearer skin and good smelling breath.

Common Myths of fasting

"Fasting is starving". "Fasting makes you lose muscles", "Fasting results in overheating" and many other myths are what you will hear the moment you announce you're going to be on a fasting program. In our western lifestyle, the chances of starving are nil -- in fact it's not until of being without food for weeks that a normal, healthy adult would begin to suffer true starvation. As for muscle loss, glycogen (glucose) is stored in fat and in your muscles. Your body is smart enough to go for the energy in your stored fat first. Only after depleting all that fat, will it go for the glycogen stored in your muscles. And far from overeating, studies show that fasting brings your body to a new "set point" where appetite has decreased.

Should you fast?

Fasting is not for you if you're pregnant, nursing, on medications, a person under 13 years old or suffer from debilitating disease. As always, its a good idea to check with your doctor first.

This program is not easy!

Going without food for 14 days is not easy. But we promist, if you follow the instructions every day and upload your proof of doing, you will succeed. Good luck!