Books are great, but...

We've read a lot of books in our time. And you've read your share too. But after, you've put them back on the shelf, lent them to friends or even wrote some glowing reviews online...

Did your life change as much as you wanted?

We started IRLDO to convert the knowledge of the world's top Authors, Researchers and Scientists into workable programs that you can easily follow to improve your life.

You'll be following proven knowledge that's universally proven to be effective.

We will also kick your butt.

You're required to check-in multiple times per week to report your progress. In fact, to start a program, you have to agree to a contract.

This is where the "accountability partner" comes in. You're not buying a book or taking a course. Instead, a real person will follow your progress every day.

If you skip a checkin, or fail to have a scheduled meeting, your phone will ring. We will want to know what happened. You'd better have a good explanation.

Daily access to your coach

While we are very firm on not providing safe spaces for mediocrity, your coach is available to you every day to help you make decisions or to answer questions whenever you have them.

I look foward to helping you put your life together.

Eric Smith